More on Free Agent Signings

download-2.jpgAfter a busy first day, the signings have slowed down but there are still a couple big ones to cover.


Joe Thornton’s one-year contract/extension with the Sharks is officially $8 million. He says, “I don’t know the number, but there was a sh– ton.” Thornton is talking about how many offers he had prior to signing with SJS. While all of this is going on with Thornton, where is Jagr?

Jagr is at the age of 45 and plans to play at least one more season. The Florida Panthers will not re-sign

“I can’t say enough. It was an honor to be touched by a legend,” said general manager Dale Tallon, who made the call to not resign Jagr “I was torn. It was a tough couple weeks, or months — whatever it was. Can’t thank him enough. What he did for our kids, for myself and everyone in this organization, you can’t measure it.”

Jagr put up 46 points last season. He brought to our attention on Thursday, through Twitter, that no team has shown any interest in him. So what will happen to Jagr? We will have to wait and see.


The Montreal Canadiens have signed Carey Price to an eight year extension with an AAVdownload-1.jpg of $10.5 Million ($84 Million) This extension will most likely keep Price playing for the Canadiens for the rest of his career. On a conference call Price said, “I never thought about playing anywhere else, I never thought about putting on another uniform. I just thought it’d be too weird, I guess.”

In 2014-15 Price won the Hart and Vezina Trophy. He led the NHL with a 1.96 goals-against average and a .933 save percentage.


The Captitals have re-signed Evgeny Kuznetsov, then traded Marcus Johansson.

Kuznetsov has been re-signed on a eight-year, $62.4 million contract extension. The Capitals were using $70 million of the $75 million salary cap on just 15 players. Because of thus Washington was forced to let go of some people in order to sign restricted free agents, Andre Burakovsky and Philipp Grubauer. WSH has traded Marcus Johansson to free up a little room.

Johansson has just come off a career high season with 34 assists and 24 goals. WSH could no longer afford him and traded him to the New Jersey Devils for second- and third-round picks in next season’s NHL draft.






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