Vitali Kravtsov is a bust.

Before being drafted 9th overall by the New York Rangers in 2018, Kravstov was a star in the KHL. He was named rookie of the year and set a record for most points by a teenager in the post season, with 11 points in 16 games. High expectations were set for the young winger.

After an underwhelming preseason performance, the Rangers sent Kravstov to the AHL, where he would get minutes. Long story short, the coaching staff in Hartford wasn’t impressed with him either. His low heart rate showed lack of effort and he was healthy scratched in the second game.


After five games with the Wolfpack, Kravstov recorded one assist. He decided to head back to Russia where he could succeed once again in the KHL. But, the trend continues after 11 games were played and he was sent down to the VHL, the KHL’s minor league.

Kravstov has shown to be a very talented player in the past, but is digging himself into a very deep hole. The official Traktor twitter account even tweeted about his lack-of-confidence.

In order to save 19-year-old Vitali Kravstov’s career, action must be taken by Jeff Gorton, the New York Rangers’ general manager. If he is not given a second chance in Hartford, I am not sure if he will ever return to the NHL, especially if he continues going down his current track.

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